Koryo Songgyungwan University

Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) — Koryo Songgyungwan University in the DPRK is the oldest school in the world.

The university, located at the foot of Mt Songak in Kaesong City, was a supreme education institution of Koryo (918-1392), the first unified state in Korea, built for training talents.

The Korean nation boasting of 5 000-year-long history and culture established “Thaehak”, a base of training future government officials, and developed education in the period of Koguryo Kingdom (B.C. 277-A.D. 668).

Inheriting the educational tradition of Koguryo, Koryo established Songgyungwan in 992 to direct efforts to training talents.

At that time, students at Songgyungwan received education in the Classical Canon, law, mathematics, calligraphy, etc. According to historical documents, many famous patriotic generals and scholars were produced among the graduates of Songgyungwan.

Koryo Songgyungwan University, successor to Songgyungwan, is now turned into a comprehensive educational base training talents needed for the development of light industry of the country. -0-