Korean-style Socialism, Juche-based One Embodying People-first Idea

This is the 41st year of “The Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” promulgated by President of Kim Il Sung. Our people celebrate the occasion amid the struggle for successfully building a thriving country under the leadership of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

This Constitution is the most revolutionary and popular one; it embodies in an all-round way the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism which values the popular masses most.

It is a great political charter and reliable legal guarantee provided by our great generalissimos that made our country shine as a genuine country of the people.

The Constitution was revised and amended, and formulated as Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Constitution at the fifth Session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly. This was an expression of the firm faith and will of our party, army and people to glorify forever the idea and exploits of the generalissimos, and an event to be highlighted in constitution history of the world.

The new formulation also shows a high sense of moral obligation of our people to keep the great leader alive forever with them. The newly formulated Constitution, therefore, serves as a powerful political weapon ensuring the completion of Juche revolutionary cause and the building of a thriving nation under the leadership of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

The foundation of socialism is the people. Ours is a socialist country centered on the people, where the people are masters of everything and everything serves them.

Socialism of Korean-style defends the dignity and right of the people. Our people enjoy equal political rights.

In our society priority concern is given to the interests and convenience of the people; it is an excellent society that bring the dream of the people into brilliant reality.

All the party members, soldiers and people must give a full play to the excellence and might of our socialist country.

Ever so bright is the future of our socialism.

Let us all unite firm around the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and fight vigorously to make our country richer and more prosperous.