Korean People Greet in our New Year With Great Hope in 2014 (Juche 103)

Korean people in the new year 2014

A new year has come. Looking back upon the last year full of victory and glory, the Korean people have greeted the new year Juche 103 or 2014 with greater hope and optimism.

Having respected Marshal Kim Jong Un as the great leader, the Korean army and people have greeted this year with joy and resolve to win a greater victory. To interview working people greeting the New Year´s Day, reporters from “Voice of Korea” climbed up the Mansu Hill in the heart of the capital city Pyongyang.

From early morning many people were visiting the bronze statues of the great President Kim Il Sung, the founder of socialist Korea, and Kim Jong Il, the eternal sun of Songun Korea, on the hill carrying bouquets and flowers with themselves.

The visitors were solemnly recalling the lives of the great leaders who devoted their all to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.

Hong Song Ryong, Vice-President of the Pyongyang University of Architecture, has this to say:

“Greeting the new year to be more prosperous, we harden our resolve.

The teachers and students of our university have come to the bronze statues of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and paid respects to them, and made a resolve.

Last year respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited our university and said he would become its honorary president, showing his deep trust. We will give better education and do scientific researches better, believing that the future of a highly civilized country is drawn on the designing tables of the graduates of our university.”

Their resolve represents the desire of all the Korean people to make a leap forward higher and faster this significant year and also represents the spirit of the whole country.

Pyongyang is more jubilant with the streets in a festive mood and with the joyful working people. The parks and pleasure grounds in all parts of the capital city, the Munsu Water Park, the Open-Air Ice Rink and theatres are crowded with working people enjoying themselves with confidence and enthusiasm. We could hear confident and passionate resolves of the people wherever we went.

Young builder Kim Yong Son has this to say:

“Look at the optimistic people. I am also excited. Last year, too, we, young people, did a lot of work. What is calling us, young people, in the era of great prosperity, the greatest heyday of construction? A great era calls our young people. This year, too, we will do difficult work before others with the pride and belief that the future of prosperous Korea will be brought earlier thanks to our loud footsteps.”

Sportswoman Jong Un Ok says:

“Last year the whole country seethed with enthusiastic sports activities and we bagged many gold medals in the international games. When the flag of our Republic is hoisted abroad, the pride of our sportspersons is indescribable. This year we will train harder and win more gold medals in the international games.”

The Korean people will more brilliantly decorate the significant year Juche 103 or 2014, fully demonstrating the strong spirit of socialist Korea making a leap forward with youthful vigour.