Korea International Travel Company

It is a travel company with the longest history in the DPRK.

Since its first service to foreigners in 1953, the company has steadily expanded the scope of tourism.

It provides services to tourists from China, Russia and other countries in Europe and Latin America that are friendly to the DPRK.

It is staffed with hundreds of able and well-experienced interpreters and has various means of transportation.

It also organizes such special tours as plane flight, surfing, riding of public transport means, angling, skiing and Korean language learning, as well as tour in Pyongyang, Kaesong, Hamhung, Wonsan, Mt Myohyang and other tourist attractions across the country.

The period is set to be three days and two nights, four days and three nights, six days and five nights and so on, according to the demands of tourists.

A large number of tourists visit the DPRK every year. They said in unison that the DPRK is free from environmental pollution and they had a chance of experiencing the Korean culture and history.

The company has its missions in Dandong and Shanghai of China, and Khabarovsk of Russia, where they conducts publicity activities and offers convenience to tourists.

President Ham Jin says that his company sets it as its goal to steadily improve the quality of tourist services.