Kimjongilia in Bloom: Infinite Fascination and Admiration


Two years has passed since the great leader Kim Jong Il parted with us. In those years Kimjongilia bloomed more beautifully representing the infinite longing of the Korean people and the progressive humanity of the world for him, dying all parts of the globe red.

The 17th Kimjongilia Festival was grandly held in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, on the occasion of February 16, the significant Day of the Shining Star, the birth anniversary of the great Kim Jong Il.

February in Korea is snowing season. But the venue of the festival was decorated with beautiful Kimjongilias despite intense cold.

Abdul Haquim Rahi, charge d´affaires ad interim of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the DPRK, said:

“I visited this beautiful place and beautiful exhibition. There I´ve seen Kimjongilia, very nice and beautiful flower. The great leader is enjoying endless respect of the Korean people.”

In February last the Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK blogged an article titled “Great Leader Kim Jong Il and White Snow”, along with a picture of Kimjongilia.

The article said: “The life of Kim Jong Il, Chairman of the National Defence Commission, reminds me of white snow first. He was born in February with white snow and bade last farewell to the people in white snow of December. He lived as purely as white snow all his life.

… Thanks to his self-sacrificing devotion, socialism was defended and a new turning phase of building a prosperous nation opened in Korea.”

Kim Jong Il devoted himself to the country and people as purely as white snow till the last moment of his life. The venue of the festival was a large floral basket of fascination and admiration for the great man, as it was filled with beautiful Kimjongilias cultivated by the Korean people and the progressives in the five continents of the world longing for him. Kimjongilia came into bloom in many countries on the occasion of the significant Day of the Shining Star.

Kimjongilia Exhibitions were grandly held in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China and in Sovetskaya Gavan District of the Khabarovsk Territory and at the Nakhodka City Museum in Russia.

Associate Professor of the Far Eastern Federal Univeristy of Russia said:

“I cultivated Kimjongilia greeting the Day of the Shining Star. In the course I more deeply felt the high international authority of the great man.”

Deputy Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Dalian City People´s Congress of China expressed his excitement, saying: The full-blown Kimjongilia represents the longing of the Chinese people for the great Kim Jong Il. He will be immortal along with Kimjongilia.

The immortal flowers opened their petals again in Russia and China in March and April this year. Kimjongilia Exhibition and a DPRK book, photo and handicraft exhibition grandly opened in Russia on March 20 and Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Exhibition was grandly held in Dalian of China in early April. Seeing Kimjongilias in bloom in all parts of the world month after month, the progressive humanity pictured the benevolent father, people´s leader, to themselves.

Former Manager of the Vladivostok Trade Port who had met Kim Jong Il during his visit to Russia, said:

“We were fascinated instantly by the versatile knowledge, foresightedness and warm humanity of Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il was a prominent leader of the world who possessed all qualifications and dispositions of a people´s leader on the highest level. That is why all the world people are highly praising and longing for him as a great man, irrespective of their nationalities and languages.”

The Korean people significantly celebrated the 60th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War in July this year. It was not only the celebration of the victory 60 years ago in neutralizing the invasion of the US imperialists and their allied forces, but also the celebration of the victory in Songun politics of Kim Jong Il who won consecutive victories in the fireless anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle in defence of the victory.

In his article “Defence of Global Peace and Songun Policy of Korea in the East” Russian writer Lavrentsi Gurdziyev wrote:

“Kim Jong Il conceived and implemented Songun politics already in the 1960s and comprehensively enforced it in the 1990s. In the politics he regarded the strengthening of military force as the most important of state affairs. Precedence to the military affairs is a correct view. He regarded precedence to the military affairs as a fundamental guarantee to defend the country, a decisive guarantee for preventing aggression and war and defending global peace. It was a great discovery in the history of politics.”

That´s right. With Songun politics, a great discovery in the world history of politics,

Kim Jong Il defended the dignity and freedom of Korea and made a great contribution to peace and security of the world. Warmly telling of his exploits in Songun-guided leadership, Kimjongilias bloomed red in July, too, symbolizing the lasting victory. Kimjongilia exhibitions were held again in China, Russia and many other regions and countries of the world in September and October as well.

Hassan Reza Husseini, military attache of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Korea, said:

“I think it´s equal that His Excellency great leader Kim Jong Il´s idea goes from Korea to several countries of the world like this flower.”

An officer of the Pacific Fleet of Russia said there are many flowers boasting of their beauty in the world, but the flower named after a leader can be found only in Korea. And he added that Kimjongilia will be in full bloom in the whole world along with the immortal exploits of

Kim Jong Il.

Kimjongilia is the flower of the Sun, “king” of the flowers, which fascinates all people. The flower has won popularity of the floral circle this year, too.

Kimjongilia was awarded the first prize at the Mongolian International Flower Show, the highest gold prize and diploma at the 11th Chinese Azalea Show, the highest exhibition and design prizes at the 8th Chinese Flower Expo and special exhibition prize at the 9th Chinese (Beijing) International Garden Expo.

… … …

Generally speaking, flower is regarded as an ornamental plant. But all people´s reverence for

Kim Jong Il produced a new view of flower.

The Egyptian newspaper “Al Masaiya” in an artcle said:

It is not merely because of its beauty that Kimjongilia draws attention of so many people. It is a manifestation of the boundless reverence of humanity for leader Kim Jong Il who is praised as the first man of the world.

Kimjongilia will be in full bloom as an immortal flower forever amid infinite fascination and admiration for the peerlessly great man Kim Jong Il, along with his undying achievements for humanity and the world.

English Language Service, Voice of Korea