Kim Man Yu Hospital

The Kim Man Yu Hospital is in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. The hospital is a central hospital which prevents and treats diseases of citizens and diagnoses and treats patients coming from different parts of the country.

The hospital is named after Kim Man Yu, a Korean resident in Japan. It was opened in April Juche 75 or 1986. The government of the DPRK, aware of the desire of Kim Man Yu to make a contribution to the people of the homeland, named the hospital after him.

It has a total floor space of 100,000 square metres with 16-storeyed main building with over one thousand beds and more than 2,000 rooms and other buildings–three in all.

There are emergency resuscitating department, sick-rooms and laboratories at building 1 and outpatients´ clinical rooms, rooms for functional diagnosis, endoscope and physical therapy at building 2. On the 4th floor of the main building there are 10 well equipped operating rooms, a room for angiography and rooms for intensive treatment of serious cases.

Diagnostic and treatment rooms, functional examination rooms and other general laboratories and test rooms are laid out rationally in the order of diagnosis and treatment. The hospital has all specialized departments except paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology. People receive free medical treatment at such a well equipped hospital.

The Kim Man Yu Hospital has registered successes in prevention and treatment of various diseases including heart disease, and greatly contributed to the improvement of the health of the people and the development of medical science and technology of the country.

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