Kim Jong Un Watches Men’s Soccer Match

Kim Jong Un Watches Men's Soccer Match

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) — Marshal Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, watched a men’s soccer match between the April 25 Team and the Hwaebul Team.

Among the spectators were Choe Ryong Hae, Jang Song Thaek, Kim Kyong Hui, Kang Sok Ju, Ri Yong Su, Ri Yong Gil, Pak Thae Song, Hwang Pyong So, Kim Pyong Ho, Kim Yong Hun, Ma Won Chun, Kim Yong Chol, O Kum Chol, Ri Jong Mu, minister of Physical Culture and Sports, Ri Ju Bong, chief secretary of the party committee of the ministry and Jon Yong Nam, chairman of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League.

The Hwaebul Team took the initiative from the beginning of the match and intensified the attack.

When the team went over to a surprise counterattack from defense, forward Kim Yong Gwang scored the first goal in the 27th minute of the first half.

The April 25 Team made all-out attack, not loosing confidence. It finally managed to score equalizer with back Ji Kwang Hyok making a precise shot amid a mess in the goal area.

The Hwaebul Team trounced its rival by scoring two more goals in the eleven meter penalty kick.

Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction over the nice match and congratulated them on their success in the match.

He praised the Hwaebul Team belonging to the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League for its good job. He personally went down to the field and had a photo taken with the team.

He said that the young people should take the lead in raising hot sports wind, too, as the country will be alive when the youth league goes dynamic.

Stressing the great importance of soccer in exalting the honor of the country, he said it is necessary to round off the soccer techniques, tactics and training methods of Korean style and put them on a higher scientific basis in order to develop soccer.

He said that what is important for developing soccer is to find out more reserves for players, underscoring the need to build a well-regulated training system, push ahead with the training tenaciously and frequently organize matches among schools at all levels in particular.

He also underlined the need to increase public concern and state assistance for soccer, calling on officials to pay deep attention to it.

He expressed his belief that the sportspersons would perform their duty and mission for bringing sports events including soccer to the world level as they instill confidence and optimism about sure victory into the army and people. -0-