Kim Jong Un Visits January 8 Fishery Station of KPA

Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, visited the January 8 Fishery Station of the KPA near its commissioning.

He looked round different places of the station to learn in detail about its construction and preparations for its operation.

While walking on the breakwater extending hundreds of meters in waters, he said that he felt as if he were on an airstrip.

He praised the station for successfully building facilities needed for freezing and salting aquatic products and for having in place a conveyor for selecting and washing fishes, flat-style freezer, refrigerator cars, tank cars, forklifts, etc provided by the Party.

He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that a dormitory and resting room were built on the highest level so that fishermen might make themselves at home.

Noting that a district of multi-story houses for fishermen was built as well as Unha Scientists Street, he kindly named the district “Tanphung Village for Fishermen.”

He got aboard a newly-built fishing boat to learn about its technical specifications, saying with pleasure that many modern fishing boats of “Tanphung”-class are now being built as intended by the Party and their performances are daily increasing.

“This fishery station is an eye-opening marvelous edifice in the era of the Workers’ Party and a new scenery representing the era of Songun at a fishing port on the east coast of the country,” he noted.

He said with confidence that the station would be called the 14th scenic spot of Songun in the future when all the holds of the station will be packed with fishes.

He noted it is an astonishing miracle and a Korean speed that such huge project was successfully completed in a matter of a little over two months since an initiative was made to construct the fishery station and it is expected to go operational soon.

He highly appreciated the feats performed by soldier-builders, saying that the Party was able to keep the promise made with the people thanks to the indomitable work style of the soldier-builders who rose up as one to fulfill the Party’s order.

He called on the fisheries field of the army and society to take the January 8 Fishery Station as a standard when building a new fishery station or remodeling the existing one as the Party made sure that it was built as a model for all fishery stations across the country.

“It is the Party’s firm determination to make the whole country pervade with the spirit of making big fish haul under socialism”, he noted, calling on the officials and fishermen of the station to live up to the Party’s expectation with increased production.

He was accompanied by Jang Jong Nam, So Hong Chan, Han Kwang Sang, Hwang Pyong So, Ri Jae Il, Kim Pyong Ho and Ma Won Chun.

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