Kim Jong Un Visits Construction Site of Ski Resort on Masik Pass

Kim Jong Un Visits Construction Site of Ski Resort on Masik Pass


Pyongyang, November 2 (KCNA) — Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, visited again the Ski Resort on Masik Pass.

First he went round the hotel which was built in a peculiar style.

He was satisfied to see the hotel built to match the mountainous scenery and natural environment as required by the design ratified by the Party.

He appreciated the hotel as a flawless structure and model building as it fully meets the requirements of the Party’s idea of architectural beauty which calls for designing and constructing all construction objects according to their features and purposes.

He dropped in at the resting places in the primary and intermediate skiing courses.

Praising the soldier-builders for building well the resting places as intended by the Party, he instructed them to build all resting places to be impeccable so that the visitors to the ski resort may not only train their physical bodies but have a pleasant rest.

Going round the completed skiing courses, he said it is nice to see the skiing courses constructed by builders as required by the construction method and the turf planted with good care.

The construction of the ski resort conceived and initiated by the Party is near its completion, he said, adding that this is entirely ascribable to the merits of the soldier-builders and a shining fruition of their heroic feats.

Saying that he was quite right when he assigned the project for building the ski resort to the Korean People’s Army and it carried out a great nature-remaking project and the new watchword the “speed on Masik Pass” is shining more brilliantly thanks to the KPA, he stressed that the WPK is proud and honored to have such army.

The KPA has done a lot of work for the people this year including the construction of Munsu Water Park and Mirim Riding Club, he said, adding that when the ski resort on Masik Pass is completed, more cheerful laughter of people will be heard from the area of Masik Pass. He noted when thinking of youth and children and all other people enjoying skiing in the modern ski resort, he would feel the worth of making a revolution.

Acknowledging the cheers of the builders for a long while, he said that all participants in the construction are patriots and the feats performed by them would go down in the history of building a rich and powerful country.

He indicated tasks to be fulfilled for building the ski resort as the world’s best one and ways to do so.

He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, Ryom Chol Song, Hwang Pyong So, Kim Tong Hwa, Hong Yong Chil, Ma Won Chun and Jo Nam Jin. -0-

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