Kim Jong Un Sends Large Chestnuts to Changgwang, Kyongsang Kindergartens

[imagebrowser id=50]The dear respected Kim Jong Unsent giant chestnuts to children of Changgwang Kindergarten and Kyongsang Kindergarten here.

Putting forward children as king of the country, PresidentKim Il Sungand leaderKim Jong Ilmade sure that children’s cradles were built throughout the country and lavished them with things best in the world. Their great benevolence has been carried forward by MarshalKim Jong Un.

Large chestnuts whose amount was enough for even distribution among children of the kindergartens reflected deep loving care that can be shown only by parents who take care of the future of the country.

They were conveyed to the kindergartens on Wednesday.

Children, beside themselves with joy, broke into cheers and kindergarten teachers and parents extended thanks to the Marshal in excitement.