Kim Jong Un Inspects KPA Unit 318

[imagebrowser id=23]Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, inspected KPA Unit 318 stationed in the eastern sector of the front.

He arrived at the unit despite torrential rain. When he warmly shook the hands of commanding officers of the unit, his face beaming with a broad smile, they greeted in tearful voices the Supreme Commander on an inspection tour of the front despite such downpour.

He first looked round the room for the education of the revolutionary history and the room devoted to the history of the unit. He heard with satisfaction the report that the unit successfully carried out on-the-spot instructions given by leader Kim Jong Il who called on service persons to fully prepare themselves to go into action when an order is issued.

Watching the pencil drawings done by service persons of the unit reflecting their worthwhile military service, he said there are many prodigies at the unit. Then he went round the military research room.

He learned about the achievements gained in the days when the unit spruced up the room as a base for studying and rounding off the plans for operations and battles and methods of battles to meet the requirements of the Juche-oriented military idea of the Party and war methods and cope with a modern warfare and conducted effective drills of commanding officers and the staff.

He asked about the plans the staff has to deal with different situations and underscored the need to work out operation plans in a practical and concrete manner in anticipation of diverse circumstances that may be created in actual battles. What is important in doing so is to steadily study and round off Korean-style operation and tactical plans based on the experiences gained in the anti-Japanese revolutionary war and the Fatherland Liberation War, he added.

He instructed the commanding officers and officers of the staff to know well about war methods of the enemy so as to make a timely correct decision of the unit when battles start.

He looked round the soldiers’ hall.

He received a report on the unit’s performance of duty from its commanding officers at the building of the command and examined its operation plan. Saying that through the inspection of the units in the eastern sector of the front, he is confirming whether their operation plans are in line with the strategic intention of the Supreme Command, he examined the map showing the deployment of the forces and combat technical equipment of the unit and its combat documents one by one.

While examining the operation plan, he gave instructions on the issues arising in combat preparedness. The atmosphere prevailing in the forefront area of the country is not good due to the on-going war hysteria of the south Korean puppet forces, he noted, and went on: “If there comes an opportunity of clash with the enemies, you should mercilessly wipe out them with the unit’s war hardware. You should teach them what the war is like so that they may not raise their heads again.”

He instructed its commanding officers that the officers and men of the unit should wait for his final order for charge, keeping themselves highly alerted. Upon receiving the militant task reflecting his will to annihilate the enemies, the commanding officers renewed their resolution to advance if an order is issued even right now and reduce Seoul, to begin with, to ashes and, furthermore, blow up all their strongholds and thus give vent to the long-pent up grudge without fail.

He had a photo session with service persons of the unit, expressing expectation that they would demonstrate the mettle of the heroic KPA in the decisive battles against the enemies to staunchly protect the dear socialist country. Before his departure he firmly shook hands of the commanding officers of the unit and told them that the day of a great war for national reunification is not far off, asking them to make sustained efforts for combat preparedness.

He was accompanied by KPA General Kim Myong Guk and Hwang Pyong So, vice department director of the WPK Central Committee.