Kim Jong Un Guides Test-fire of Ballistic Rocket Based on Precision Guidance System

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un guided a test-fire of ballistic rocket equipped with precision guidance system.

At a launching site, he looked round a caterpillar self-propelled launching pad vehicle and a ballistic rocket based on precision guidance system.

He learned in detail about the tactical and technical specifications of the rocket and expressed satisfaction over the fact that its preparatory process before launching was further automated than the preceding Hwasong serial rockets to complete the system for markedly reducing the launching time so as to rapidly contain the enemies’ armed provocations.

After being reported about its test-fire program at the command post, he ordered the launch of ballistic rocket.

The test was conducted in the way of medium range firing for minute remote observation to the last-stage guidance of warhead. It is aimed to verify the technical indices of new-type precision guided ballistic rocket capable of making ultra-precision strike on the enemies’ objects at any area and examine the reliability of caterpillar self-propelled launching pad vehicle, newly designed to operate under various battle conditions.

The ballistic rocket flew toward the east sky where the day was breaking and correctly hit a designated target point with deviation of seven meters after flying at the medium range.

The test-fire verified the flight stability of ballistic rocket loaded with fin-controlled warhead in the active flying section and reconfirmed the accuracy of velocity correction and attitude stabilization system by a small heat jet engine in middle flying section.

It also verified the accuracy of ultra-precision guidance in the re-entry section by more precise late-stage guidance system and fully confirmed the running features in different geographical conditions of newly-developed caterpillar self-propelled launching pad vehicle and features of its automated launching preparation process.

Seeing the successful test-fire of ballistic rocket, he said that the rocket, which appeared for the first time at the square of military parade marking the Day of the Sun, seems to be sharp shooter’s arms of precision hitting a target and such accurate hit would dig up eyes of the enemies. Our Party highly appreciates this success, he said, adding: The national defence science research field making steady victorious advance under the deep care and direct guidance of our Party is now ready to apply world-level ultra-modern military science and technologies in the Korean way as it wishes.

Whenever news of our recent valuable victory is broadcast, the Yankees would be very much worried and the gangsters of the south Korean puppet army would get dispirited more and more, he said.

He stressed the need to continue developing more powerful strategic weapons on the basis of the present success.

The national defence research field should clearly show the might of our self-reliant defence industry in a multi-phased and successive way under the timetable and road map worked out by the Party, he said, expressing belief that it would make greater leaping progress in the present stamina so as to send bigger “package of gifts” to the Yankees.

Accompanying him were Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Rak Gyom, Kim Jong Sik, Jang Chang Ha, Jong Sung Il and Jon Il Ho.

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