Kim Jong Suk′s Feats in Bringing Up Successor to Revolution

[nggallery id=89]Today marks the 95th birth anniversary of the anti-Japanese war hero, Kim Jong Suk.Though her life was short, she performed great feats for the country and the people. The greatest of her feats is that she brought up her son, leader Kim Jong Il, to be the reliable heir to the cause of President Kim Il Sung and a great revolutionary faithful to the country and the people.

She guided young Kim Jong Il to have intense loyalty to the President, many-sided attainments, seasoned leadership, unparalleled courage and grit and noble personality.

She educated him in his childhood to treat his father Kim Il Sung as the nation’s leader and follow the President’s work-style.

Taking her son to the journey of Kim Il Sung’s field guidance to factories and fishing and rural villages across the country, she let him experience the tireless efforts made by the President for the wellbeing of the working masses.

She worked heart and soul to implant patriotism, the soul of his father’s family, into his mind. And she enlightened her son on natural phenomena, the development of human society, social relations, etc.

She also taught him how to ride and shoot while cultivating his musical talent.

Under her deep care, Kim Jong Il could have lofty humanity, strong sense of obligation and noble morality.

At the last moments of her life, Kim Jong Suk earnestly requested him to carry forward the revolutionary cause pioneered by the President.

Her feats for the country and the people will remain long in the history of the nation.

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