Kim Jong Il’s Visit to Mt. Jongbang

Mt. Jongbang is a scenic spot in the western part of Korea. It presents an exquisite view for fantastic peaks, mysterious rocks and cliffs, all kinds of flowers and dense woods.

The great Kim Jong Il paid deep attention to rebuild the beautiful mountain into a cultural recreation resort of the people and took all measures to radically change the mountain.

He visited the renovated mountain early in the morning of May 1, Juche 86 or 1997. Proposing visiting the mountain immediately as the soldiers of the People´s Army had done good work for the people, he started in the early morning before sunrise for field guidance not to hinder the relaxation of people in the pleasure ground on the holiday.

All the facilities including well-paved sightseeing routes, pavilions, angling site and tea shop had been built in perfect harmony with surrounding scenery. Dropping in at the tea shop with unique architectural beauty built at the foot of the mountain, Kim Jong Il said, it is flawless in every aspect, and the people would like it when they take food and drink tea, enjoying the landscape. He expressed great satisfaction as if picturing happy people to himself.

He kindly stressed the need to render sincere services to the visiting working people. And he proposed naming the tea shop “Jongbang Tea Shop”.

After visiting different places of the pleasure ground, he said Mt. Jongbang is as good as Mt. Kumgang for its wonderful scenery with different kinds of flowers in spring, thick foliage in summer, tinted leaves in autumn and snowscape in winter.

He underscored the need to build up the mountain better so that many people could visit it. Saying everything should serve the people in our country where the working people including workers and farmers are the masters of the country, he called for building up the Jongbangsan Pleasure Ground better on the highest level as it is possession of the people.

As a result, all the facilities in the pleasure ground have been built conveniently for the relaxation of the working people. Ponds, bridges, pavilions and sightseeing routes have been newly built, more trees and flower plants of good species planted and stone tables and benches laid in different places.

Mt. Jongbang has many places of historical interest including the well-preserved Songbul Temple. Today, too, the Korean people tell about the painstaking efforts of the great Kim Jong Il who visited Mt. Jongbang on May Day in spring to provide a better pleasure ground to the people.