Kim Jong Il′s Whole Life Devoted to People′s Wellbeing

[nggallery id=69]With the approach of leader Kim Jong Il’s 1st death anniversary, the Korean people’s yearning for him is running higher than ever.

He regarded it as his happiness and joy to make ceaseless journey of field guidance for the wellbeing of the people despite weather conditions.

The leader’s guidance tour of Jagang Province in January Juche 87 (1998) offered a glimpse of his devotion to the people.

Despite the biting cold weather of midwinter he gave onsite guidance to many industrial establishments in the province. Those establishments, visited by him on the 16th alone, included Pukchon Power Station, a power station run by Janggang College of Agriculture and the 55 electricity-heated dwelling blocks in Janggang Township. The course of his guidance tour from the 16th to the 21st totaled more than 2 400 km.

With superhuman mental and physical energy, he continued his guidance tour day and night.

He traveled a long journey of guidance to Hamhung, Tanchon, Songgang, Ranam and Jagang Province regardless of weather conditions, rainy or sultry.

In the last three years alone before his demise, the leader visited nearly 1 000 establishments throughout the country.