Kim Il Sung, Liberator of Korea

Kim Il Sung, Liberator of Korea

Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) — With the approach of the day of Korea’s liberation (Aug. 15) from Japan’s colonial rule, the Korean people are looking back upon the great feats performed by PresidentKim Il Sungfor the national rebirth.

In his early yearsKim Il Sungembarked on the road of the revolutionary struggle with a firm pledge to gain the independence of the country, and founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army in April Juche 21 (1932).

He fathered the Juche idea and set forth correct revolutionary lines to pave the road for national liberation, guiding the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory with his gifted military intelligence and distinguished leadership.

During those days he led many battles with the one million-strong Kwantung army of the Japanese imperialists to victory by introducing such superb guerrilla tactics as decoy and ambush tactic and telescope tactic.

Among them were the battle for defending the Xiaowangqing guerrilla zone, Luozigou battle, Laoheishan battle, Pochonbo battle and Jiansanfeng battle.

After all, the KPRA commanded by him defeated the Japanese imperialist army, prevailing over its numerical and technical superiority with ideological and tactical one.

The victory of the anti-Japanese armed struggle was entirely ascribable to the outstanding command of the President.

Under his guidance Korea put an end to its distress-torn history and the Korean people emerged the most dignified nation in the world.