Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader of Korean People

No matter how much water may flow under the bridge and no matter how frequently a generation is replaced by another, the Korean people will always remember the immortal feats President Kim Il Sung performed by exalting the dignity and honor of the popular masses.

Thanks to the President, a fundamental turn was brought about in the position and role of the popular masses who had been subject to suppression and maltreatment in the past and a modern history began.

Just a century ago, the Korean people had to accept flunkeyism and statelessness as their fate as they were not correctly guided and had no force to defend themselves even though they had a history spanning five thousand years and brilliant culture.

It was the President who dropped the curtain on the distress-torn history and put the dignity and honor of the Korean people on the highest stage for the first time in the nation’s history.

Under the wise leadership of the President, the Korean people could regain the dignity and rights of independent human beings free from the yoke of colonial slavery and enjoy a genuine life and happiness.

Thanks to the popular leadership of the President, the Korean revolution could make a new history of the Juche revolution without even a single mistake or failure in implementing its line and the Korean people emerged a dignified and proud people led by the outstanding leader, shedding its rays all over the world.

The Korean people should translate his life-long desire into a reality as befitting his descendants, bearing in mind the immortal feats he performed on behalf of the era and the revolution, the country and its people.

All party members and other people will carry on the dynamic struggle in order to glorify his immortal feats and bring earlier the victory of his idea and cause.