KFAUSA Condemns US Travel Ban on DPRK

North Korea Travel Ban

The Korean Friendship Association USA (KFAUSA) condemns the upcoming actions of our country to ban travel for US citizens to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). We are truly saddened by this as the people of the DPRK seek peace and it is the mission of the KFAUSA to promote friendship, information and cultural relations from the DPRK to the US and the world.

The travel ban from the US is an attempt to hide the truth of the real situation in the DPRK both to US citizens and to the entire world. The US is continuing military escalation and creating a state of fear in the Korean peninsula.

Our country seeks to close off all information sources coming from the DPRK, including the travel of US citizens, for the purpose of maintaining a media monopoly on the DPRK in an effort to hide the reality and truth inside the DPRK from the American people.

American citizens regularly travel to the DPRK. Americans are able to view for themselves the hypocrisy of our own government towards the DPRK. View photos of the DPRK.

In contrast from the state of fear portrayed by our media, the Korean people are friendly, peaceful, and successful in creating a socialist system which has propelled the DPRK into a technological, economic and cultural superpower. The Korean people under the leadership of the wise Marshall KIM JONG UN have created a country which provides fully for its citizens: healthcare, education, jobs, housing, benefits, retirement, and security.

The DPRK has steadily advanced with great technological successes, conquering space, creating a powerful military for self-defense, and constructing a strong nuclear deterrent to our country’s warmongering, all while caring for its people.

The US recently tried to cordon off the DPRK internationally, which ended in total failure. Now our country seeks to restrict all travel to the DPRK because our leaders know that any American visiting the DPRK may return home with the truth. An American returning home with stories of peace and prosperity will totally contradict the anti-DPRK rhetoric of our country’s media.

The KFAUSA promotes peace and friendship. The Korean people seek peace. Therefore, the KFAUSA says NO to the US travel ban on the DPRK. The KFAUSA urges all Americans and the people of the world who are interested in the DPRK to find friendly relations. The KFAUSA asks for the support of everyone, whether in the US or abroad, to challenge the US travel ban on the DPRK.


KFAUSA is a friendship based organization that promotes peaceful, diplomatic and cultural relations, economic growth, understanding, and friendship between the DPRK and the United States. We work positively towards the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, and to also educate others about the people and culture of the DPRK. We hope you take the time to learn the many wonderful things North Korea encompasses including it’s culture, people and history.

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