KCNA Detailed Report on Construction of Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station

[slideshow id=3]The Korean Central News Agency released a detailed report on the construction of the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station Wednesday.

The heroic epic in the new century is being created at the construction site of the power station, the report says, and goes on:

The power station consists of three stations in the upper reaches of Sodu Stream in Paekam County, Ryanggang Province. It is a huge project that has to overcome the most unfavorable natural and geographical conditions in the DPRK’s history of building hydro-electric power stations.

LeaderKim Jong Illet the youth league take charge of the project. The young people completed the construction of Power Station No. 1 earlier than schedule, creating a new youth speed. They have already finished the building of the basic dam of Power Station No. 2 and are pushing forward the expansion of waterway tunnel in its final phase.

In July 2004, the youth held a meeting to vow to push forward the construction and then laid several kilometer-long road and railways in just 10 days with the same stamina and spirit as displayed by the preceding generation in the projects of laying Haeju-Hasong railway section and building the Youth Hero Motorway.

A plan was worked out to hasten the project of the first cofferdam for the construction of the dam of Power Station No. 1. This constituted the first phase in the whole project. The builders tackled a temporary drainage setup in keeping with the topographical conditions of the area which is over 1 000 meters above the sea level, thus completing the cofferdam project 15 days earlier than plan.

This was followed by the successive blasting for the excavation of earth for laying the foundation of the dam and the second cofferdam project.

The youth introduced new construction method in the second cofferdam project, thus economizing lots of cement and bringing the completion of the project earlier.

They finished in a matter of six months the creation of gravel and sand dumping ground, assorting ground, mixing ground, nine- conveyer belt project and transport and assembling of a crane for building dam. This would take 2-3 years at an ordinary pace.

The youth shock brigade started concrete tamping for the dam. They introduced advanced construction method and innovation proposals to lower the inside heat of dam, thus giving great benefits to the state and hastening the speed of construction.

During 150-day and 100-day campaigns in 2009 they built up scores of meters of dam.

The water tunnel project of Power Station No. 1, key part in the construction of the power station, was a do-or-die battle.

The members of the youth shock brigade sometimes stayed under water for more than 70 hours, fighting water pouring from the ceiling.

They carved words of song “Where Are You, Dear General” on the wall of the tunnel, one line every 100 meters, looking forward to the day whenKim Jong Ilwould visit the completed power station.

They dug the maximum of 9.7 meters a day. The distance covered by each person pushing a wagon for hundreds of days till the completion of tunnel amounted to some 12 000 kilometers.

The waterway was tunneled through for Power Station No. 1 in February 2006. For more than 300 days afterwards, the builders finished the most demanding expansion project and then conducted coating project, thus completing the water tunnel in August 2010.

This led to the earlier completion of Power Station No. 1 in December 2010.

The construction of pebbles dam and water tunnel of Power Station No. 2 has also made so big headway that the construction of the basic dam is to be completed on the occasion of the Youth Day this year.

The expansion project is now under way after the waterway was tunneled through and the construction of Power Station No. 3 is making progress as planned.

The ideological and moral world of the young people has been upgraded during the period.

The members of the youth shock brigade paved “Paektu youth road” out of their yearnings forKim Jong Iland their loyalty for the dear respectedKim Jong Un.

They have established the way of life of the anti-Japanese guerillas at lodgings, worksites and all other places. Their ranks and order remind one of the revolutionary traits of the People’s Army.

They brought hundreds of hectares under cultivation, producing various kinds of vegetables on Paekam. They also rear thousands of domestic animals, laying firm supply service bases.

There were those who readily shoved falling stone to save comrades. When trapped inside crumbled pit, they held rock-drills for tunneling before opening road for their lives.

An ordinary girl shock brigade member laid down her life to save comrades under unexpected dangerous situation. Written on her diary were letters “Let us rise up first when the country undergoes difficulty!”

Lots of commanders and members of the shock brigades finished correspondence courses of colleges and became dependable pillars of the country during the construction period.

Officials of youth league organizations at all levels went to the relevant factories and enterprises where they meticulously organized the work to step up the youth shock brigade activities for increased production, thus bringing about remarkable innovations in the production of electric generators and other equipment and raw materials needed for the construction.

The manufacture of “Songun Youth Vanguard” electric locomotive and dozens of freight cars helped relieve the strain on the transport. This was a result of a do-good-thing movement including the collection of idle materials conducted by the youth league organizations.

Young people of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan rendered sincere help to the construction of the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station, keeping pace with the patriotic devotion of those in the homeland.

The big trust and loving care shown byKim Jong IlandKim Jong Un, peerlessly great men, have become the source of the undying feats at the construction site.

In May 2010Kim Jong Ilvisited the construction site despite his fatigue from foreign visit. He encouraged the members of the youth shock brigade, saying that they have done many things beyond imagination.

MarshalKim Jong Unread a letter presented by commanders and members of the Paektusan Songun Youth Shock Brigade in January this year and sent his handwritings and learned about problems arising in the project and life down to the details.

The day of the completion of the power station is drawing near thanks to the profound loyalty of young people of Mt. Paektu to uphold

Kim Jong Un