Kangso Mineral Water

Natural living monument No. 56 

There is a spring of mineral water in Kangso District, Nampho, southwest of Pyongyang, which gushes out all the year round, and it is the famous Kangso mineral water.

It is not known when the spring occurred, but the Kangso mineral water has long been known for its great volume of water and medicinal effects.

It promotes absorption of nutrients in the body and discharge of waste and poisonous matters generated by metabolism.

It is not only an ideal drinking water but also efficacious for the treatment and prevention of liver troubles, obesity, diabetes, digestive and other diseases.

Experts say in unison that even a healthy man can improve functions of the body remarkably and enjoy a long life by regularly drinking this mineral water.

A factory built in the district is equipped with integrated manufacturing system and automatic and flow-lined processes. It turns out mineral water in glass bottles and plastic containers of various volumes, and their quality and hygienic safety are very satisfactory.