Juche-based Guerrilla Tactics During the Anti-Japanese War

At the beginning of the 20th century the Japanese imperialists occupied and enforced a colonial rule over Korea. On August 15, Juche 34 or 1945, Korea was liberated, putting an end to more than 40-year-long colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists.

It is the peerless patriot Generalissimo Kim Il Sung who saved the destiny of the Korean people and liberated them from colonial slavery. In retrospect, the young Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Army could have the heavily-armed huge Japanese imperialist forces under its control though it had neither an assistance of a regular army nor a state rear, thanks to the Juche-based guerrilla tactics created by great Kim Il Sung. During the anti-Japanese war he created a number of original guerrilla tactics such as ambush tactics, tactics of making the enemy troops fight each other, hundreds-of-miles-at-one-go tactics and tactics of attacking the west while making a gun report in the east. All the tactics were sagacious, original and outstanding ones any military strategist in all ages and countries could not present. In Juche 26 or 1937 Kim Il Sung applied the tactics of march on highway in Xiaotanghe and put the enemy on the defensive.

The fact alone proves well the unusual commanding art of Kim Il Sung who turned adversity into favorable conditions through his superb strategy. In those days the Japanese imperialists, vaunting that they would “completely annihilate” the Korean People´s Revolutionary Army, made thoroughgoing preparations for large-scale “punitive” operations and hurled huge troops. Seeing through the shortcomings and limitations of the large besiegement by human wave tactics, a conventional method of the Japanese imperialists, Kim Il Sung overcame difficulties with appropriate tactics. The enemy whipped up not only the troops and police but also the members of self-defense corps in all residential places in the Fusong area as well as around Xiaotanghe. After learning about the enemy´s situation, he judged that the villages and roads nearby would be empty and gave an order to immediately go out to the residential area and break through the siege with the tactics of march on highway. The Korean People´s Revolutionary Army unit successfully passed through the empty enemy-controlled area without making a gun report while ensuring stealth and promptness. The enemy troops who were elated at the thought that they would “encircle and annihilate” the Korean People´s Revolutionary Army, were stunned to learn that it had broken through the siege stealthily and vanished. They were at a loss what to do as they could not know the whereabouts of the guerrilla army and lamented that “the tactics of the guerrilla army would make even gods weep” and “a Taoist far superior to Zhu Geliang is among the Korean guerrillas”.

The Juche-based guerrilla tactics presented and applied by Kim Il Sung during the bloody anti-Japanese war were the fundamental key that made it possible to win victory by striking terror into the enemy´s heart and resolutely defeating their numerical and technical superiority with strategic and tactical advantages. In many battles Kim Il Sung defeated a large number of enemy troops with tactics of allurement and ambush and attacking the west while making a gun report in the east. Thus he decorated the history of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle with a brilliant victory with his outstanding war methods and commanding art.

Today Korea remains unperturbed despite all moves of the imperialist aggressors thanks to respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who is identical with the great Kim Il Sung, the legendary anti-Japanese war hero, in unusual wisdom, uncommon courage and confidence.

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, inspecting the front in the way of guerrillas, is training the Korean revolutionary armed forces as invincible army and consolidating Korea as an invincible bulwark.

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