“It’s only the First Step”

The Korean Football Association selected and announced the best referees at the end of last year.

Among them was Pak Un Jong, a women’s football referee in the Sports Club of the Ministry of Light Industry.

She had been active in the then Wolmido Sports Club before starting her career as a referee from 2013.

She obtained the qualification of referee of the Republic in 2016 and improved her ability to fully perform her duty both in national and international games in a short period of two years.

Thanks to her painstaking efforts, she finally passed the examination of the Asian Football Commission for selecting a chief referee.

She gave full play to her ability in the qualifying matches of the 2018 AFC U-16 Women’s Championship and the 2018 AFC U-19 Women’s Championship.

The 2019 AFC U-19 Women’s Championship took place in Thailand in October last year. She refereed the match between China and Myanmar. She declared that the goalkeeper of Myanmar made a foul to prevent a Chinese forward from making a goal. But she held that the goalkeeper had to rush to the ball due to an unavoidable situation, and picked up a yellow card instead of a red card for the goalkeeper, and gave a penalty kick to the Chinese team.

After the match, officials concerned of the AFC showed the video records to the referees and unanimously commented that her decision was correct to a dot.

“It’s only the first step. I’ll make redoubled efforts to be a fully-fledged referee.” said Pak Un Jong.