International Seminar on Forest and Landscape Restoration Held

International Seminar on Forest and Landscape Restoration Held

Pyongyang, March 9th 2013 (KCNA) — The International Seminar on Forest and Landscape Restoration was held at the People’s Palace of Culture from Wednesday to Friday under the co-sponsorship of the Pyongyang International New Technological and Economic Information Centre (PINTEIC) and Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP).

Present there were delegates from China, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the U.S., UK and Canada and the executive director of the EEMP.

Also present there were officials of the Ministry of Land and Environmental Conservation, the State Academy of Sciences, the State Science and Technology Commission, the Academy of Agricultural Science, the C.C., the Nature Conservation Union of Korea, Kim Il Sung University, the Central Botanical Garden and other units and scientists, researchers and technicians.

Ri Song Uk, vice-president of the State Academy of Sciences who is director of the PINTEIC, made an opening address which was followed by a congratulatory speech of Kosima Weber Liu, executive director of the EEMP.

They expressed belief that this international seminar would contribute to the worldwide efforts to protect and develop environment, valuable asset of mankind.

Its participants heard speeches made by famous scientists of the DPRK and various other countries.

The speakers explained the DPRK’s policy of protecting forests, ecological system service and management for the well-being of humankind, theory and practice for improving rivers and streams, objects to be protected to restore forests in temperate forests, technology on forest and landscape restoration and other academic matters.

Its participants watched a video related to environment.

A letter of thanks to the dear respected Kim Jong Un addressed by foreign delegates was adopted at the seminar.

The letter said:

“We were deeply impressed to learn of Your Excellency’s March 2nd tree planting, which emphasized the importance of individual initiative in the task of national reforestation.

The seminar was indeed an excellent opportunity for foreign and DPRK experts to share experiences regarding multiple aspects of the science and technology of forest and landscape restoration.

We sincerely wish you good health and great success in your noble work of leading the Korean people in their striving to build a prosperous and sustainably developed country.

The seminar offered scientists of various countries a meaningful occasion of exchanging beneficial views on matters arising in protecting environment and acquiring practical experience and knowledge.” -0-