Independence Is What Keeps Countries and Nations Alive

Fair and principled international relations are sure to be established when all countries and nations pursue independent foreign policies, regarding independence as their life and soul.

In order to adhere to independence, a country should work hard with an independent stand and build an independent national economy.

It presents itself as a very urgent issue to achieve self-support in economy particularly under the situation where the imperialists are keen to perpetrate interference and realize domination through economic infiltration under the deceptive signboard of “aid” and “cooperation”.

Capability for self-defense provides a sure military guarantee for holding fast to independence in politics and self-support in economy.

If a country has defense capability powerful enough to beat back any formidable enemy, imperialists can never ignite a war of aggression against it. It is the psychology and tendency of the imperialists to flinch before the strong and become more outrageous before the weak.

This is proved by the tradition of the DPRK in which it has won victories in the all-out confrontation with the U.S. imperialists.

All countries aspiring after independence should unite and not allow the imperialists to perpetrate high-handed and arbitrary practices in the international arena any longer.

No matter what desperate efforts imperialists may make, they can never arrest the struggle of the broad strata of the working people for independence.