Increase Speed of General Advance

It is an important task facing the field of party ideological work to bring about a steady surge in the revolutionary spirit of all the service personnel and people through the intensive ideological offensive and glorify this year as a year of great change.

The ideological work is an uninterrupted work itself.

Any vacuum in the ideological work would cause a blank in the minds of the people, thus allowing evil ideas to infiltrate into their minds.

There can be a campaign in the economic work, but such work style should never be allowed in the ideological education.

Great progress is being achieved in the drive this year to build an economic power and improve the people’s living standard through the dynamic ideological campaign under the leadership of the great party.

Different fields and units of the national economy are making a dynamic advance, bringing about a fresh leap forward. Agricultural workers across the country have waged a drive to increase grain production even under the difficult situation and unfavorable climate conditions.

A dynamic drive for creating the new Korean speed is now under way at important construction sites including power stations in tiers on the Chongchon River, stockbreeding base in Sepho area, Wisong Scientists Street and apartment houses for educators of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

It is necessary to consolidate and expand the successes already achieved to attain at any cost the militant goals set by the party this year. To this end, it is necessary to intensify the ideological offensive to give full play to the mental power of the masses.