The Immortal Name of Kim Il Sung

In history there are many statesmen and leaders well-known in their lifetime for their merits for humanity. But none of them rendered so distinguished services to the cause of global independence with an unsurpassed resolute sense of independence and justice and thus enjoyed so boundless praise of all people as the great leader President Kim Il Sung.

A celebrated foreign writer said:

“The Juche idea created by the great leader Kim Il Sung is of incomparably more tremendous significance in human history than the fire brought by mythological Prometheus to man.”

Yehia Zakaria Khairullah, Chairman of the Egyptian Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea, said:

“President Kim Il Sung is a great man produced by the 20th century. He was an outstanding thinker and theoretician, military strategist and the sun who illumined the road of the 20th century. He fought against US imperialism single-handedly and beating off all challenges, created the Juche idea and Songun idea and changed the 20th century. President Kim Il Sung regarded man as the most precious being and founded the Juche idea which gave a new philosophical explanation to the position and role of man. The Juche idea created by him is a great idea which brightly illuminated the road of the Korean people and the world revolutionary people. It is a great idea representing the future as well as the present times for its originality.”

The creation of the Juche idea was a historic event which opened a new era of history, the era of independence and illumined the road of the progressive humanity.

The Panamanian public figure Luis Fernando Sebenyo Corea wrote a poem and recited:

The immortal Juche idea created
By Kim Il Sung shines on the world.
Its brilliant rays are the Polaris,
The compass of the fighting people.
O Kim Il Sung! His name is bright in glory
His cause is great.
World people following the Juche idea,
With a faith in their warm hearts,
Loudly call The name of the great Kim Il Sung.

The strengthening and development of the nonaligned movement, a great motive force of the era of independence, are unthinkable apart from the name of the great Kim Il Sung. President Kim Il Sung indicated the orientation and ways for the nonaligned movement to go in line with the demand of the development of the times and led the movement to firmly maintain its idea and principle. Thanks to him, the nonaligned movement could be constantly strengthened and developed in all vortexes of history. That is why party and state leaders of many nonaligned countries and developing countries highly praised him as the “commander of the nonaligned movement” and “great leader of the world revolution”, saying:

“The nonaligned movement could overcome division, defend unity and vigorously advance along the road of independence against imperialism thanks to the correct instructions of His Excellency President Kim Il Sung“.

“Peoples of other countries catch a few fish for us when we go hungry. It means that we should depend on them in the future, too. But President Kim Il Sung taught us how to catch fish, enabling us to catch fish by ourselves when necessary in the future.”

“Korea is the only country that helps our Guinea with sincerity. Kim Il Sung is the grateful benefactor who gave life-giving water and vigor to the once desolate African land. That is why all our Guinean people infinitely revere and follow President Kim Il Sung.”

“We, Africans, regard Kim Il Sung as the God of our destiny.”

It was not only the feelings of the then Madagascan President or a political activist of Guinea. Voices in praise of President Kim Il Sung leading the era of independence were heard in all parts of the five continents of the world.

Juan Jose Leon Vega, First Vice-Chairman of the Cuban Committee for Supporting Korea´s Reunification, said:

“He paid attention to the Cuban revolution and did everything in his power for friendship as a true friend of the Cuban people. President Kim Il Sung met me along with lawyer Candelaria Rodriguez in 1994. That day he said, during the Caribbean crisis many countries withdrew their embassies, but he told Koreans to fight to the last man together with the Cuban people as Korea and Cuba are brothers standing in the same trench.

When so-called close countries were reading others´ faces, President Kim Il Sung gave important instructions. He rendered an active support to the Vietnamese, Syrian and Algerian revolutions.”

President Kim Il Sung devoted himself to the human cause of independence in the last time of his great life, too. He received the Director of the Prensa Latina News Agency of Cuba on April 13, Juche 83 or 1994, journalists of the American Newspaper “Washington Times” on April 16 and journalists of the NHK of Japan and the CNN Television of the United States on April 17 and gave important instructions on the global independence.

One day German woman writer Luise Rinser met him and said:

“President Kim Il Sung, please do not give up the road you are walking…”

It was an ardent desire of the world progressive humanity as well as Luise Rinser. His every step created a new history of independence and opened a new era of human love. So ardent and warm was the desire of humanity to hold him in high esteem and follow him forever, entrusting the destiny of the independent era to him.

A Guinean personage said:

“He was not only the leader of the Korean people. He was the leader of the progressive humanity of the world. That is why President Kim Il Sung is kept deep in the hearts of the state leaders of the world as a great man representing the 20th century.”

In his lifetime President Kim Il Sung visited a total of 87 countries on 54 occasions and met more than 70,000 foreigners including foreign heads of party, state and government and gave valuable instructions to them. The distance of his foreign tour is over 522,460 kilometres in total. More than 70 countries, international organizations and different organizations awarded highest decorations and medals to President Kim Il Sung and celebrated state heads and personages of different strata, many compatriots abroad and in south Korea presented him with at least 166,000 items of gifts. In more than 100 countries there are hundreds of institutions, organizations and streets named after him. In Juche 101 or 2012 an international festival was grandly held in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, and a photo exhibition took place in New York of the United States to celebrate the centenary of birth of the great President Kim Il Sung. His centenary birth anniversary was significantly celebrated on a worldwide scale as a grand common festival of humanity.

The achievements of the great man will be immortal. The immortal feats of President Kim Il Sung highly praised by humanity as the “leader of the world revolution”, “prominent leader” and “great saint of the 20th century” will be told forever along with his great name.

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