The Idea of Jiwon

July the 10th this year is the 120th birth anniversary of the indomitable revolutionary fighter Kim Hyong Jik, an outstanding leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement of Korea.

Kim Hyong Jik, the father of the great President Kim Il Sung, regarded the idea of Jiwon or “aim high” as his unchangeable revolutionary motto and principle of life in the whole course of his revolutionary activities.

He made a firm determination to liberate the occupied country and harbored a lofty aim, bitterly experiencing the sorrow of the Korean nation as stateless slave under the Japanese imperialist colonial rule in his childhood.

This happened when he was attending the Pyongyang Sungsil School. He made a speech at a seminar held under the title “What does the present time require school youth to do?” and was detained in the Pyongyang Police Station on suspicion of propaganda of “seditious ideas” and released three days later.

He said, he had keenly felt that stateless people are worse than the dog of a house of funeral at that time. And he expressed his firm determination to drive the Japanese imperialists out of Korea and achieve the independence of the country even though his body was torn to pieces. He continued that if the independence of the country could not be achieved in his generation, it must be achieved generation after generation. He predicted that national independence would not be achieved easily, but only through an arduous and protracted struggle.

It was a practical conclusion he found from the lesson in the history of the anti-Japanese struggle of the Korean people. Proceeding from the conclusion, Kim Hyong Jik hardened his firm faith that he should have a far-reaching aim for achieving independence and prosperity of the country, and freedom and liberation of the people and to realize the far-reaching aim, undauntedly fight though any difficulties and trials might crop up in his way.

The idea of Jiwon of Kim Hyong Jik who had a far-reaching aim and looked far ahead, was run through with the spirit of national independence and patriotic stand to staunchly fight against aggression and subordination, oppression and exploitation, to warmly love the country and people and to achieve the liberation of the country and national independence and furthermore, build a highly-civilized new society in the liberated country by believing in the strength of the people and fostering it.

As Kim Hyong Jik conducted the anti-Japanese national liberation movement under the idea of Jiwon, the anti-Japanese struggle of the Korean people could have a bright prospect. Applying the idea of Jiwon, Kim Hyong Jik formed the “Korean National Association” and rallied broad anti-Japanese patriotic forces. And he put forward the line on switching the anti-Japanese national liberation movement of Korea from the nationalist movement to the proletarian revolution and conducted his energetic activities.

Indeed, the idea of Jiwon was a patriotic idea to save the country and nation with our strength and build on this land a people´s prosperous country good to live in.

The great President Kim Il Sung, carrying forward and developing the idea of Jiwon, advanced the Songun idea and blazed the road of Juche, a new road of the Korean revolution. On the road, the historic cause of national liberation was accomplished, the independent dignity of the nation demonstrated and a powerful paradise of the people, a new socialist society, built.