Hucho Ishikawai, Native Fish of Korea

Rock Sea of Manmulsang - DPRK

Pyongyang, September 11 (KCNA) — Hucho ishikawai is a native fish of Korea.

The length of this carnivorous cold water fish is 70-80 centimeters on the average and 1.3 meters to the maximum.

It grows fast and its flesh is delicious and nutritive as it contains rich protein, fat and essential amino acid.

President Kim Il Sung took a measure to protect the fish and gave an instruction on incubating its spawn and releasing fries in rivers and streams.

On the basis of the survey of the fish resource, the DPRK has directed big efforts to completing the technology for artificial propagation of the said fish and expanding its breeding area.

Kim Tong Hak, section chief of the Ministry of Fisheries, said it is planned to increase the production of Hucho ishikawai by making good use of natural and geographical conditions of Amnok, Jangjin, Hochon and Jangja rivers and some lakes in the country. -0-