Home of Happiness for Old People.

In April Juche 35 (1946), the following year after Korea’s liberation, President Kim Il Sung convened a consultative meeting of senior officials of South Phyongan provincial and Pyongyang city committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea, in which he referred to the need for the State to take care of the elderly with no one to look after them. According to his instruction, a two-storey cozy building for the old people was erected in the then Mandal Sub-county, Kangdong County, South Phyongan Province.

Sixty-nine old people lived in the home at that time.

Later, Kim Il Sung, on several occasions, underscored the need for the State to take good care of the old people in the home even if it was under very difficult conditions.

As a result, the old people could enjoy their remaining years in comfort free from any worries under the deep concern and care of the State. Among them were Sin Yong Rye who was presented with her 100th birthday spread on August 21, 2005 and other macrobians.

Visit to a Newly-built Old People’s Home

On August 1, Juche 104 (2015), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Pyongyang Old People’s Home in the Korean architectural style of a gabled roof built on the banks of the picturesque Taedong River in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Looking round for hours several places of the home built at the highest level as suited to the constitutional and psychological features of the aged that day, he said he was very pleased to see the palatial home where the elderly could lead a happy life free from any worries, and stressed the need to implement to the letter the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea on the protection of the aged by always showing concern for and taking good care of them.

He then urged the accompanying officials to hold its inaugural ceremony and move the aged into the new house at the earliest possible date as they were eagerly waiting for it. The inaugural ceremony of the Pyongyang Old People’s Home took place on August 5.

Home Dear to the Aged

The Pyongyang Old People’s Home consists of over 50 rooms with beds or floor-heating system, a barbershop, beauty salon, bathroom, clinic and other welfare and medical service facilities, library, fitness hall, recreation room, etc., where the old people enjoy optimistic life according to their hobbies and characters.

They tend flowering plants and fruit trees in the garden and work at a hydroponic greenhouse and vegetable garden only to stimulate their appetite.

Due attention is paid to organizing their life in a family atmosphere and ensuring physical training through various amusement games and moderate exercises and their nutritional care. Their health conditions are observed systematically so as to take relevant measures and help them live long life in good health.

Kim Chi Ok, aged 93, said that she would live long life under the benevolent socialist system as she was leading a happy life free from any worries thanks to the care of the State.

The old people are now enjoying a happy life in their twilight years under the warm care and concern of the Party and the State.