History of Victorious War of Powerful Paektusan Nation Will Last Forever

Kim Il Sung Speaks at Mass Rally
Eternal President Kim Il Sung
Eternal President Kim Il Sung

Today our Party and people are celebrating the 60th anniversary of victory in the Fatherland Liberation War with a great honor and pride.

The 60th anniversary of victory is an important occasion of demonstrating the revolutionary will of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the army and people of Korea to glorify the President Kim Il Sung’s exploits in victorious war: It is also a grand political festival of victors of Songun revolution who are creating a model of the era of the anti-imperialist struggle, enjoying the blessing of their leaders generation after generation.

The victory in the war was a great historic event which provided the milestone of epochal turn in pioneering the destiny of the country and nation and in accomplishing the human cause of independence.

The Fatherland Liberation War in the 1950s was a fierce revolutionary war unprecedented in history.

Under the wise leadership of the President the Korean People could win the war and received a surrender document from the U.S.

Through the victory in the war the world looked up the President as the greatest illustrious commander and Korea demonstrated its name as heroic Korea.

The victory in the war is a brilliant result of the Juche-oriented military idea, strategies and tactics, and the extraordinary art of leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

Thanks to his wise leadership a small country created a miracle of defeating the strong imperialist forces and smashed a myth of “mightiness” of U.S. imperialism.

The victory in the war was brought about by the spirit of the Korean army and people to defend the country and the mass heroism of Korean People united firmly around the President.

60 years have passed from the day of victory in the war.

The past 60 years were the continuance of war without gun report against the U.S.-led hostile forces.

The U.S. imperialists persistently committed aggressive maneuvers to stifle the DPRK such as the “Pueblo” incident in the 1960s, the Panmunjom incident in the 1970s and frantic military pressure and psychological warfare in the 1990s.

The Songun leadership of leader Kim Jong Il takes a distinguished place in the 60 year long history of the acute anti-U.S., anti-imperialist confrontation.

With his unique Songun politics Generalissimo Kim Jong Il saved the destiny of the country and people from the crisis of survival or ruin and firmly safeguarded the socialist cause.

It is his great feats that will shine forever in the history of the Korean people along with the war victory in the 1950s.

The Korean people crushed the outrageous pressure, sanctions, blockade and psychological warfare and achieved successive victories in all fields of the politics, military and diplomacy.

It is a historical miracle that could be brought about only by leader Kim Jong Il.

Kim Il Sung
Kim Il Sung

In the new century of Juche, the DPRK has been witnessing epochal-making events that would be specially recorded in the national history of 5 000 years and in the history of struggle for the human cause of independence.

The Korean people are representing such a history of victory in the war against the U.S. in the past Korean war and demonstrating the might of Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Korea to the whole world.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of our Party and people, is the military prodigy and great Songun commander who is possessed of the spirit and pluck of Mt. Paektu and the outstanding military wisdom and art of leadership.

Under his leadership, the DPRK is brightly shining as the political and ideological power and the country of great army-people unity and is fully demonstrating the tremendous might of the strong Paetusan revolutionary army.

The tragic situations that are recently taking place in the international arena teach a serious lesson that retreating a step in the confrontation with the imperialists is so foolish an act as to cast the sovereignty of the country and the destiny of people into ruin.

As the supreme commander, the army and people stand in one and the same trench arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder for resolutely safeguarding their country, our idea and cause is invincible and no one can hurt the dignity and the supreme interests of the great Paektusan nation.

The victory in the war in the 1950s is a dynamic driving force to bring about a final victory in building a thriving nation with our style and efforts.

The final victory of revolution lies in firmly carrying forward the great history and tradition.

We should glorify the exploits performed by the great Generalissimos for the victory in war as precious assets of the country and people.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un is the outstanding leader of the Songun revolution and the sun of destiny of our nation and people.

All the party members, service personnel and people must uphold his Songun leadership faithfully with an absolute trust in him.

Keeping hold on the Songun revolutionary line of our Party, we must focus our first and foremost efforts on strengthening the defense capabilities of the country.

We should do all undertakings on the principle of giving priority to military affairs and and build up the country as an impregnable fortress.

We should bring about a ceaseless upsurge in all fields of socialist construction in the fighting spirit of the 1950s.

National reunification is our supreme task.

The heroic fighters of the great victorious war encourage our struggle today, too.

We should steadfastly defend the immortal services rendered by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu to the sacred cause of national reunification and achieve the historic cause of reunification, the supreme desire of the nation.

Let us all unite around the respected Kim Jong Un and fight on staunchly for a final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the cause of the building of a thriving nation, glorifying the great history and traditions of victorious war.

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