Helical Water-ring Compressor

A helical water-ring compressor newly developed by researchers at University of Sciences is gaining public favour.

This machine produces clean compressed air of low temperature as it is not mixed with oil through water ring caused by the rotation of spiral airfoil. Therefore, it has technical and economic superiority over the existing piston, screw and other water-ring compressors.

It is recognized as a cost-, labour- and energy-saving and multipurpose equipment. It is easy to install and repair for its simple structure, high performance, easy manoeuvrability, high volumetric efficiency and low power consumption.

It can be used in coal and ore mines, foodstuff, light and metallurgical industries and other sectors which need compressed air.

The compressor was highly appreciated at the 15th national invention and new technology exhibition, national machine-designing festival and several other shows.

Now, it proves effective at the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex, Tukjang Area Coal-Mining Complex and various other fields of the national economy.