Harmonious Society

Ham Jong Ho got injured during his military service nine years ago and returned home. He is now living in Jongo-dong No. 1, Rangnang District, Pyongyang.

He is an honoured disabled soldier who lost his two arms while disposing an unexploded bomb which had been dropped during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953).

Since then, many stories about his life have been told.

One January snowy day 5 years ago, the dean and teachers of Distance Education Faculty of Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry visited his house. They were told that he had wished to study at a university, and wanted to help him in preparing for an entrance examination. Ham was deeply moved by their sincerity.

Since then, the teachers began to frequent his house. They made a speech recognition program for him as he had trouble typing only one page for two hours with his artificial hands fixed to the shoulders. When he got tired and feeble-minded sometimes, they encouraged him to overcome himself so as to work for the country. One of them often stayed up all night in his house, giving him a lecture to improve his studies.

Looking at their bloodshot eyes, he looked back upon many kind people making painstaking efforts for him.

The medical workers of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital conducted ten rounds of surgical operations to take out shell splinters in his body and restored his paralyzed nerve systems. The students of Korea University of Physical Education visited his house on holidays to instill in him the delight of life. The service personnel in the outpost of Mt Taedok encouraged him to harden his will, calling him an honorary soldier.

In the course of this, he has become familiar with tens of people.

At present, he works as a lecturer in a unit in Rangnang District as part of his effort to do something good for this benevolent society where all the people live in harmony.

His wife Kim Chun Suk takes the place of his arms.

He has a 9-year-old daughter.

Hong Jong Hyok