“Hand Hygiene for All”

October 15 is the Global Handwashing Day (GHD).

The 2020 GHD theme is “Hand Hygiene for All”.

According to data, millions of children across the world suffer from diarrhea and pneumonia and even lose their lives due to the diseases. Such diseases are mainly caused by pathogens that are transmitted into human body through hands.

This shows that clean hands are closely connected with health.

Handwashing is also key in the fight against COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic. The international community underscores the need for everyone to do thoroughgoing and exact handwashing in the community and private lives in order to control the pandemic.

The DPRK conducts handwashing as a mass movement to prevent various epidemics and diseases.

It ensures that various kinds of publicity means are mobilized to help people have an increasing awareness about the significance and importance of hand hygiene and common sense and methods of handwashing are regularly disseminated among them.

Nurseries, kindergartens and schools across the country have set handwashing places and teach pupils to make it as their daily routine and habit to wash their hands.

Handwashing facilities have been installed in such public places as platforms, ports and bus stops, and public service and catering establishments so that people wash their hands from a sense of obligation.