To Grow Flowers All Over the Country

The Pyongyang Floricultural Institute is a flower research and production center which contributes to the cultural life of the capital citizens. It was inaugurated in July Juche 89 or 2000. Recently it has been expanded into a leading flower research and production centre of Korea.

There are more than 10 research divisions including bioengineering research division in the institute. Researchers acclimate world-famous flowers to Korean conditions and study their propagation and cultivation methods to increase the variety of flowers of the country. All researches are successfully promoted thanks to modern greenhouses where temperature, humidity and all other processes are automatically controlled by computer. Thanks to their efforts over ten kinds of flowers have been newly registered as national species and widely distributed over the past one year and more. “Early Cosmos 2” with different colors in bloom from spring to autumn and “Climbing Rose 1” with more than 400 flowers in one plant are popular for their long blooming period and high decorative value.

The institute has completed the technology for producing a lot of dry flowers with damp-proof agents made of materials rich in Korea and laid a solid foundation for its industrialization. The variety of dry flower products exceeds 100 including floral basket, bouquet and wall-decorating flowers.

The institute produces a large number of flowers. The institute cultivates flowers in hundreds of thousand square meters of area including one hundred and tens of greenhouses and outdoor plots.

The institute has flower wholesale store selling various kinds of flowers and different flower products as demanded by clients.

Deputy Director Ko Chol Min says:

“The people´s demand for flowers is increasing day by day. We will direct primary efforts to the research of gene-implanted flowers which can further expand the variety of long-blooming flowers suitable to the climate conditions of our country and to enhance their ornamental value and economic effectiveness. And we will fully solve all problems arising in scientification and industrialization of flower cultivation and thus actively increase the production of flowers. So we will contribute to filling this daily-changing country with the fragrance of beautiful flowers and enabling the people to always enjoy a happy life in paradise lost in flowers.”