Greetings Sent to Russian President

Kim Jong Un shaking hands with Vladimir PUtin

Kim Jong Un, president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, sent a message of greetings to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, president of the Russian Federation, on May 9.

He in the message extended warm congratulations to Putin, friendly government and people of Russia on behalf of the government and people of the DPRK on the occasion of the significant day when the Russian people won a brilliant victory in the great patriotic war.

The message said that the Russian people won a great victory in the great war of justice to annihilate fascism that threatened the destiny of mankind by displaying matchless heroism and self-sacrificing spirit.

It noted that the victory is a tradition peculiar to Russia, and the glory of the war victory would shine long in history and be eternal along with Russia, despite the lapse of many years and replacement of generations.

It expressed belief that the strong and righteous Russian people would smash all challenges and threats by hostile forces and win victory as ever in the course of ensuring the sovereignty and dignity of the country and stability of the region under the leadership of Putin.

Availing himself of this opportunity, Kim Jong Un extended warm militant greetings once again to Putin, army and people of Russia who have courageously turned out in the sacred struggle to realize international justice and defend global peace against the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the imperialists.

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