Genuine Life of People After Liberation

August 15 is the significant day when the Korean people were liberated from more than 40-year long colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists. After liberation, the Korean people could enjoy a genuine life. There is a saying that stateless people are little better than a dog in a house of death. In retrospect, the Korean people were more miserable than a dog in a house of death after their country was occupied by the Japanese imperialists.

They had to shed bitter tears under subhuman maltreatment and contempt and all sorts of exploitation and oppression. The great Kim Il Sung liberated Korea and the liberation gave a lot of things to the Korean people.

The Agrarian Reform Law was promulgated on March 5, Juche 35 or 1946 and then, the Labor Law, the Law on Sex Equality and the Law on Nationalization of Major Industries were proclaimed in succession. Under the democratic and popular policies the workers became the masters of the factories, farmers became the masters of the land and once maltreated women, too, could enjoy a new life as proud masters of the country. With the happiness and pleasure the Korean people opened the history of building a new country on this land.

All of them turned out as one in response to the call of Kim Il Sung upon those with strength to contribute to the nation building with strength, those with knowledge with knowledge and those with money with money. The Pothong River improvement project which had not been done for 10 years during the Japanese imperialist colonial rule was completed in only 55 days and more than 800 industrial establishments were inaugurated in Juche 35 or 1946 alone. Farmers reaped rich harvest that year. It was a product of the creation of the Korean people who became the masters of the land and factories. People and land were reborn in new liberated Korea. It was a genuine life of people and the features of new Korea after liberation.