A Genuine Educator

Korean schoolchildren are developing their talents at the palaces built in different parts of the country. One of those educators who develop their talents is Yun Pyong Hui, a piano teacher of the Pyongyang Students and Children´s Palace.
She loves teaching more than any other jobs.
“My father is a teacher of a university. When I was young, I respected my father, seeing his personality as a teacher and seeing students visiting him. My teacher was very respectable in my secondary school days. I also wanted to become a teacher like my teacher, so I went to
Kim Hyong Jik University of Education. And after graduation I was appointed to the palace I had attended. My former teachers were very pleased to meet me, and I worried if I could teach well and made up my mind to become a wonderful teacher.”
It was Juche 76 or 1987. Though she had many dreams and great ambition, it was not easy to teach children of different ages. Drawing on the experiences and best teaching methods of elder teachers, she completed her own teaching method with creative thinking and search. She found out methods to train children´s talents according to their ability and preparedness, not clinging to the school. She taught all the circle members to play not only solo, but also ad-libbing. She also taught basic theories of music in an easy way.
Children´s artistry was estimated at the palace every year, in which her children were highly estimated. And they also take first place in national individual art contest of schoolchildren and receive warm applause in the New Year performances. Such successes are associated with sincere efforts of teacher Yun Pyong Hui. She didn´t waste even a minute to improve her practical qualification, while guiding the children. She received lectures and read lots of reference books to get board knowledge of various fields as well as music.
And she made and used tens of visual aids to help the children´s understanding. She made multimedia program keeping up with the demand of the developing era and created new teaching method by it. Her family helped her who was worried about the circle members even at home. Her father-in-law is Kim Pyong Hwa who was the head conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra. Her husband is a section chief of the Mansudae Art Studio and her first son learnt computer and second son fine art. Her visual aids and multimedia program were a combination of their wisdom.
Her only thought was about the children she was teaching, on the way to and from the palace, at home and at the palace.
“When my children improved one by one, I was very glad. Their faces came into my head always on the way to home and I was pleased. I will live unchangeably as a teacher training the children.”
She has taught at the palace for nearly 30 years and now the children who learned piano from her, have become wonderful pianists and teachers. Teacher Yun Pyong Hui is unsparingly devoting her wisdom and enthusiasm only to train the children. Her image is reflected on the talents of the children she has taught.