The Future of Korea is Bright and Promising

Future of mankind hinges on the rising generations. How to solve the issue of the rising generations is a more important factor concerning the destiny of the country and nation than all other factors that influence the existence and development of the country and nation including the number of population, natural resources and geopolitical conditions.

Korea is advancing with confidence in the future because of the perfect solution of the issue of the rising generations.

“Love the future!”

This is the consistent outlook on the rising generations maintained by the leaders of Korea. The noble outlook carried forward generation after generation firmly guarantees a bright future and promising prospect of Korea.

In retrospect of the history, not a few statesmen paid attention to the issue of the rising generations, regarding it as an issue concerning the future of the nation. But none of them built either the party or state for the future with so perfect idea of love for the future as the great leaders of Korea. There was no statesman who regarded the children as the kings of the country.

It was President Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, who called the children kings of the country and had a palace built for the children despite the difficult postwar reconstruction in the country.

“Let us bring up and take care of the rising generations better for the future of Korea, for the future of humankind!”

This was his outlook on the rising generations.

As he had such outlook on the rising generations, President Kim Il Sung braved all dangers for the children in the days of the bloody anti-Japanese war for the liberation of the country and after liberation, had the issue of pencil discussed as the first agenda item of the Provisional People´s Committee of North Korea.

“Let us live not merely for today but for tomorrow!”

It was the great Kim Jong Il´s view on life and at the same time, his view on the rising generations. His Songun or army-first policy was run through with the noble outlook on the rising generations that it is genuine patriotism to devote everything to the rising generations though we cannot enjoy happiness in our generation.

When Korea was experiencing unprecedented trials in the 90s of the last century due to the suffocation moves of the imperialist allied forces, the bean milk vans continued to run to the children as ever and children were heard laughing and singing merrily at the brightly-lit palaces and camps.

The outlook on the rising generations of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who devoted their lives to the future of the country, is carried forward today by respected Kim Jong Un. His idea of attaching importance to the rising generations culminated in the celebrations of the 66th anniversary of the Korean Children´s Union held in Juche 101 or 2012.

He ensured that the holiday of the children was celebrated as a great event of the country and spent a long precious time for them.

It is the view of Marshal Kim Jong Un on the rising generations that there is nothing to spare for the children, valuable treasures of the country, and loud laughter of the children makes the whole country bright and pleasant. Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Orphanage on June 1 on the occasion of the International Children´s Day. Children threw themselves into his arms, calling him father, touching the heartstrings of all people of the world.

In those countries boasting of material prosperity and high speed growth, orphans and socially-forsaken children are begging in the streets and children without hope for the future die before realizing their simple dreams. But in Korea, under the care of the great leader all children grow up happily, promising a bright future of Korea.

“Korea is the kingdom of the children!”

This is the admiration of the world people for the Korean educational system and policy towards the rising generations. In the training of the rising generations, education is one of the most fundamental issues. Any age and any nation cannot achieve social progress and prosperity without education. The Korean educational system is the most advanced system. The state is responsible for everything of the children from their nursing and upbringing to education.

Since their birth the Korean children are brought up under the state benefits and at school age, learn and develop their talents to their hearts’ content at schools under the benefits of the universal 12-year free compulsory education. Korea does not spare investment for the rising generations. Though everything is insufficient and difficult due to the constant war threat and tenacious sanctions of the hostile forces, Korea builds schools on the world´s highest level and constructs camps as world´s best palaces for the children.

After the commissioning of the Okryu Children´s Hospital in October last year, foreigners visited it and were unanimous in praising that it is an ideal children´s hospital with not only excellent medical facilities but also educational, amusement and all other facilities.
Recently the Vietnamese internet news VN Express gave a photo-accompanied account of the Okryu Children´s Hospital under the title: “Shangri-La of Korean Children”.

The 54th International Mathematic Olympics took place in Colombia between July 18 and 28 last year. In the world mathematic competition attended by at least 520 schoolchildren from 97 countries and regions, children of Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1 of Korea won two gold medals and four silver medals. Korean children finished first in the annual international mathematic Olympics including the 49th Mathematic Olympics in Viet Nam and the 50th Mathematic Olympics in Germany. It was not only victory of the children, but also victory of the Korean socialist educational system that brought up the talented children and manifestation of its vitality.

In Korea, under the noble intention of the great leader, the love for the rising generations is the eternal important affairs of the party and state and the children are growing up as future masters and pillars of prosperous Korea. Future of Korea is so promising as the children are fully developing their talents and growing as revolutionary personnel with combination of knowledge, morality and sound physique harbouring in their hearts ardent love for their leader and system, for their country and people.