Forest Replanting.

The Hoechang District Forestry Company of South Phyong-an Province has achieved great successes in reforestation.

The district, whose forests occupy more than 82% of its total area, is surrounded by mountains 200-800 meters above sea level.

Taking advantage of its geographical characteristics, the company promotes a campaign to make all its mountains useful, by conditioning an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, two greenhouses of 250 square meters, an area for growing trees of one hectare in the open air and two areas planting circular cuttings.

In two greenhouses equipped with gravity irrigation system, they cultivate Changsong type larch, stone pine and chestnut tree by introducing the rational method of tree production and effective substances for growth acceleration and nutrition.

Based on this, it transplants the trees that can take root in the mountains of more than a thousand hectares each year and achieves their survival in more than 90%.

At the same time, it sufficiently secures the raw materials and wood needed for the food factory and other factories and businesses in the district by creating to a certain extent the stone pine, chestnut and mixed pine forests.