For the Happiness of Families

The Korean Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Association, located in Central District, Pyongyang, has a history of over 30 years.

The association has field offices and family planning clinics in all provinces.

Its basic mission is to make positive efforts to protect and promote the reproductive health of people and provide information on the reproductive health and quality services especially to the residents in the countryside and mountainous areas.

It raises the public awareness of the reproductive health by means of the mass media in the project areas, as well as through photo shows and meetings for swapping experience that are held on such occasions as March 8 International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day (November 16), the founding anniversary of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (November 28) and International Family Day (May 15).

It also fully meets the demand for the reproductive health of the population in the countryside and mountainous areas by positively organizing the services of outreach teams.

Last year alone, it offered over 389 500 reproductive health services while strictly observing the epidemic prevention regulations against the worldwide pandemic.

The association, sponsored by the government, is promoting exchange and cooperation with several international organizations.

Ko Kwang Jin, secretary general of the association, said: Like all other work, the reproductive health depends largely on one’s own efforts. Only when the people have a clear understanding of the reproductive health and their demands are fully realized, will the family, society and the future become more beautiful.