For Development of Traditional Embroidery.

The Pyongyang Embroidery Institute, located on the bank of the Pothong River, has been widely known as the centre of studying, producing and spreading the traditional embroidery of Korea.

The institute studies and develops embroidery that preserves the pictorial features of the Korean painting which is peculiar to the Korean nation, and produces manual and sewing-machine embroideries of various themes such as figures, landscapes, animals, and flowers and birds.

It has created many masterpieces such as “Mt Kumgang”, “Chollima”, “A tiger”, “A fairy” and “A white pheasant”.

Its products were highly appreciated in the national fine arts exhibition in celebration of the 70th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the national industrial arts exhibition in 2019, etc.

The institute makes efforts to produce new and unique embroideries by polishing up various traditional techniques.

A bi-sided, two-colour embroidery “Day lily” and a bi-sided, two-colour and bi-form embroidery “A puppy and a carp” strike people with admiration for their strong cubic effects, brilliance and harmonious arrangement of colours.

A Russian visitor said she was struck with admiration at the talents of Korean embroiderers who created real masterpieces in the world. An Australian said it was indeed a beautiful and wonderful institute and its works were superior.