Folk Holiday Jongwoldaeborum Enjoyed

The whole country enjoyed folk holiday Jongwoldaeborum (the 15th day of the firth month by the lunar calendar). On February 15, catering establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang served the people with traditional dishes on the day.

The Pyongyang citizens relished traditional dishes and various foods at Okryu Restaurant, Chongnyu Restaurant and other restaurants.

The restaurants served the Pyongyang cold noodles, Ogokpap (boiled rice mixed with four other cereals), yakbap (glutinous rice mixed with sugar, dates, chestnuts, pine-nuts, sesame oil, etc.), mung-bean pancake and nine dried herbs dishes to the delight of customers.

Catering establishments in local provinces also served customers with specialities.

When the full moon rose in the night, people across the country enjoyed seeing the first full moon.