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Donation campaign to help the victims.

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WPK Central Committee Calls upon All People to Turn Out in Operations to Recover from Flood Damage in Northern Area

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) sent an appeal to all the party members, service personnel of the Korean People’s Army and other people Saturday to turn out in the operations to recover from the severe natural disaster in several cities and counties caused by the strongest storm and heaviest downpour in meteorological observation since the liberation of Korea in 1945 that hit the areas along the River Tuman in the northern tip of Korea.

Tens of thousands of dwelling houses and public buildings collapsed and railways, roads and other traffic networks and power supply system, factories, enterprises and cultivated lands were destroyed or submerged. The disaster left the people in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province who had been pushing forward the 200-day campaign of loyalty day and night homeless to suffer from great hardships, the appeal said, and continued:.

There is no emergency for the Party than the pain of the people and no important revolutionary work is as crucial as alleviating their misfortune.

The WPK made an important decision of directing the main thrust of the 200-day campaign to the campaign for recovering from the flood damage in the above-said areas and weathering the difficulties in view of the emergency situation.

In this connection, our Party took an important measure of rapidly dispatching the main units active in the major sites of the 200-day campaign including the construction of Ryomyong Street to the sites for the recovery from the flood damage and letting the whole Party and army and all people focus all their efforts on the rehabilitation operations.

“Let us achieve the miraculous victory of converting misfortune into favorable conditions on the front of recovering from the flood damage in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province with the tremendous might of single-minded unity!” This is a slogan to be held up by the participants in the 200-day campaign across the country.

All the fields and units including the Cabinet, ministries, national institutions, industrial establishments and cooperative organizations, set the operations to recover from the flood damage as the key thrust of the 200-day campaign and direct all efforts to them.

Direct all efforts to the construction of dwelling houses to provide flood-hit people with warm cradles and turn the flood-battered region into a fairyland in the era of the Workers’ Party within this year.

All the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army who are to be dispatched to the sites for recovery from the flood damage, create the Mallima speed in implementing the rehabilitation and construction tasks in the spirit of at a go like storm and gunpowder just before ignition.

The appeal stressed that the Party Central Committee is firmly convinced that the reliable people in the northern areas who are firmly defending the eternal treasure of the Korean revolution in the revolutionary battlesites associated with the ever-lasting history of resistance waged by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu would rise above the present trials.

Neither disaster nor difficulties can deter the army and people of the DPRK dashing forward like the wind toward the final victory under the banner of the self-development-first principle, rallied close around the Party.