Fishermen of KPA January 8 Fishery Station Move to New Houses

Fishermen moved to new houses at the Tanphung Village for Fishermen fashionably built on the shore of the East Sea of Korea. The village is a cradle of fishermen in which all living conditions are provided to meet the needs of a highly civilized socialist nation.

A meeting of the fishermen of the fishery station was held to move to new houses.

Present there were KPA generals, employees of the fishery station and their families.

A speech made by So Hong Chan, first vice-minister of the People’s Armed Forces, was followed by speeches of others.

They extended greatest honor and warmest thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Un who provided great happiness to fishermen, reflecting boundless reverence and loyalty of all officials, employees and families.

They called on officials and employees to repay with loyalty to the great benevolence shown by Kim Jong Un by making big fish hauls.

At the end of the meeting, fishermen moved to new houses.

KPA generals and officers and officials congratulated the fishermen on their moving to new houses.