Exploits Promising Bright Future

The great General Kim Jong Il raising aloft the banner of Songun and going through all trials of history led the Korean revolution from one victory to another. His exploits are immortal that keep Korea shine in undying glory.

August 25, 1960 marked the beginning of his Songun revolutionary leadership. Since then his visits to KPA units had continued day and night till last days of his glorious life. His whole life was dedicated to the growth of our revolutionary armed forces. He carried forward the great leader Kim Il Sung’s idea and line on laying the utmost importance to the army and military affairs, systematized the Songun revolutionary idea and established Songun politics as basic political mode of socialism, thus bringing about a great historic turn in the development of Korean revolution and in the struggle for the country’s prosperity.

With a foresight of his genius and energetic ideological and theoretical activities, Songun idea was defined as the revolutionary idea of our time, its components being Songun revolutionary theory and principle and Songun political theory, and its vitality and validity as the guiding compass of revolution began to be displayed fully.

His Songun revolutionary exploit is that he secured a firm military guarantee for the victory in the Juche revolutionary cause by building the country’s military strength with the KPA as the core.

His indefatigable on-scene guidance brought up the People’s Army as strongest, elite army capable of defending the country, revolution and socialism from all aggressive maneuverings of the enemy.

His another exploit is that he provided the driving force for continued big stride forward and innovations in the building of powerful and prospering socialist country.

The great General led the People’s Army to be standard bearer not only in the defense of the country but also in socialist construction and play their role as the creator of the people’s happiness.

Today, it is the unshakable faith and will of our Party, Army and the entire people to carry through to victory the Juche revolutionary cause.

Our Army and people will continue their efforts to add to the glory of the General’s Songun revolutionary exploits and will build on this land an ever-prospering socialist power under the wise Songun leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.