Eternal Image of Kim Jong Suk

Kim Jong Suk

The anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk devoted her all to the great Kim Il Sung and to the country and revolution to the last moment of her life from the initial days when she set out on the road of revolution in her early years.

Kim Jong Suk was always exposed to cold snow and rain in the battlefields of the anti- Japanese struggle and had no time to rest even in the liberated country.

Moreover, though unwell, she kept visiting different places to lead the people to the fulfillment of the national economic plan and to the general ideological mobilization movement for nation building.

One day in Juche 36 or 1947, a woman official expressed her anxiety, saying Kim Jong Suk was working too much in bad health.

Kim Jong Suk said with a silent smile: I visit factories and rural villages in order to inform General Kim Il Sung of the reality properly. But when I go out and find work not going smoothly, I cannot remain indifferent to it. So

I give advices and try to solve the knotty problems.

I am going to be one of the people supporting General Kim Il Sung forever, she added.

The woman official was so impressed that she could not say anything, but only looked up to her. Kim Jong Suk always found herself among the people and led them along the road of revolution. The Korean army and people keep in their hearts forever the brilliant image of the anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk who devoted her all to the great leader Kim Il Sung and to the country and revolution.

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