Eternal General Secretary of WPK

Two decades have passed since Chairman Kim Jong Il was elected General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea on October 8, Juche 86 (1997).

On this occasion, the Korean people look back with deep emotion upon the immortal exploits he performed in strengthening and developing the WPK into an invincible party.

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a revolutionary party in which the leaders’ ideological and leadership systems have been firmly established.

From June Juche 53 (1964) when he started working at the WPK Central Committee he defined it as the fundamental principle in Party building to ensure the unitary character of the leader’s ideology and leadership and led the effort to establish the unified ideological leadership systems firmly throughout the Party.

He formulated President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideology as Kimilsungism, an integral system of the idea, theory and method of Juche, and cemented the organizational and ideological foundations of the Party under the banner of modelling the whole Party on Kimilsungism and brought about a radical improvement in the building and activities of the Party. He made public The Workers’ Party of Korea Is the Party of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, Let Us Hold the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung in High Esteem Forever and Accomplish His Cause and many other works and led the efforts to implement Kim Il Sung’s lifetime instructions to the letter, regarding them as the guideline of the Party. Under his leadership the WPK has been developed into a vanguard of single-hearted unity which is modelled on the leader’s ideology and moves as one under his unified leadership and a militant party with a strong sense of organization and discipline.

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into the guiding force in implementing the cause of the Songun revolution.

He formulated Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics and strengthened the WPK into the General Staff and the guiding force of the Songun revolution. He thoroughly established the Party’s leadership system in the Korean People’s Army through his ceaseless inspection tours of frontline units and developed it into the army of the leader and the Party which takes the lead in supporting the Party’s ideology and leadership.

The single-hearted unity of the Party, the army and the people has been consolidated in every way; the KPA, the driving force of the Songun revolution, has been strengthened remarkably and service personnel and all the people have been firmly united with one mind and purpose to staunchly defend the dignity and destiny of the nation. The unity in the idea and fighting mettle of the army and the people based on the revolutionary soldier spirit has been realized, which resulted in cementing the foundations of the whole society rock-solid. The fierce flames of the industrial revolution in the new century ushered in an era of magnificent creations and changes when marvellous achievements are being made one after another. Credit for this goes to the energetic leadership of the Chairman who steadily enhanced the guiding role of the WPK on the road of the Songun revolution.

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a motherly party which has formed a harmonious whole with the masses of the people and serves them.

Cherishing it as his invariable view that the Party should become a genuine mother who takes responsibility for the people’s destiny and leads them, he, in the whole period of leading the revolution, developed the WPK into a party which represents and champions the demands and interests of the masses and a mass-based party which has struck its root deep among the broad sections of the people and formed ties of kinship with them. He put forward the slogan “Let the whole Party go among the masses!” and led officials to become faithful servants for the people. He unfolded a new chapter of love for the people on his ceaseless on-site guidance trips for their sake.

Even in the trying years when the DPRK had to undergo difficulties due to the ever-increasing machinations of the imperialists to isolate and stifle it and successive natural calamities, the WPK and the state have invariably administered people-oriented policies and social benefits and built large numbers of production bases conducive to improving the people’s standard of living. Kim Jong Il’s ennobling love and devotion for the people was the fundamental source of these remarkable achievements.

Today, the song Glory to Our Great Party much favoured by the Korean people represents their absolute trust in and heartfelt thanks to the WPK which takes responsible care of the people’s destiny and leads them to the last and guarantees the happiness of all the generations to come.

The history of the WPK, which has recorded only victory and glory in its annals, is associated with the devoted efforts and immortal exploits Kim Jong Il performed for its building.

The Fourth Conference of the WPK convened on April 11, Juche 101 (2012) adopted a decision to hold him as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK, in reflection of the unanimous desire of the Korean people to add lasting brilliance to his revolutionary career and immortal exploits.

The undying feats of Kim Jong Il, who is symbolic of the WPK’s invincibility, will remain etched forever in the minds of the Korean people, along with the sacred post of the eternal General Secretary of the WPK.