Eternal Banner of Victory Day for the DPRK – Day of the Sun

Eternal Banner of Victory

Our country is the great Paektusan nation that has been victorious generation after generation with the spirit and mettle of Mt.Paektu.

Today we are greeting the Day of the Sun, the greatest holiday of the nation when the whole party, the entire army and all people are vigorously speeding up a general march united firmly around the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un to hasten a final victory in the revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu.

April 15, the birthday of President Kim Il Sung is a day of great fortune which opened a new era to our country and nation and brought about a bright dawn on the road ahead of carving out their destinies.

Celebrating the significant Day of the Sun with a great national pride and self-respect, our army and people are wrapped with boundless thanks and warmest respect for Kim Il Sung who laid a firm foundation for the eternal dignity, victory and prosperity of the great Paektusan nation.

Kim Il Sung is a great holy man who founded the immortal Juche idea and applied it to the revolutionary practice brilliantly, thereby performing great exploits for the country and nation and for the era and history.

Having embarked on the road of revolution in his teen age, he penetrated deep into the requirement of the developing era and history and the future of the nation and founded the immortal Juche idea.

His revolutionary idea is a people-centred idea that converted the country into a genuine people’s state in which the people’s dream and ideal come true.

His life was a revolutionary career of people’s leader who regarded the conception “The people are my God” as his motto and applied it to his thought and leadership to develop it in the reality.

His revolutionary idea is an all-powerful treasured sword that turned the country into a country of miracle and heroic Korea that leaps forward with miraculous creation and epochal change.

The absolute truth and might of his revolutionary idea was demonstrated more powerfully by leader Kim Jong Il in the new century.

With his energetic ideological and theoretical activities Kim Jong Il formulated the revolutionary idea of Kim Il Sung as Kimilsungism and developed and enriched its treasure house. By proclaiming the modeling of the whole society on Kimilsungism as the highest program of our Party, he provided a milestone of epochal change in the implementation of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Today Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is shedding a brighter light as a great guiding idea representing the present era and human future.

Our army and people are convinced that the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is a basic guarantee to carry forward the life of the Party and revolution with the bloodline of Mt. Paektu.

They deeply feel the truth that the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism ensures the dignity, victory and prosperity of the great Paektusan nation.

All the Party members, service personnel and people should uphold the revolutionary ideas of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as an ever-victorious banner and dynamically open up an era of fresh prosperity of Songun Korea under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

National reunification is the earnest instruction of Generalissimo Kim Il Sung and the supreme task of the nation.

We should resolutely smash the enemies’ hostile policy and anti-reunification moves under the banner of the three charters for reunification and the June 15 joint declaration.

Upholding the ideals of independence, peace and friendship, our Party’s foreign policy, we should boundlessly glorify the immortal exploits performed by Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for global independence.

Let us all fight staunchly with a conviction of sure victory for the bright future of the great Paektusan nation, true to the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.