Enthusiasm of Garment Producers

The Suyangsan Unha Clothing Factory is in Haeju City, South Hwanghae Province, the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. It is widely known as a well-managed factory. In the past, the factory produced only women´s and children´s garments. But now it produces various types of quality clothes for different seasons and ages. All production processes have been well furnished and equipment renovated like nationally-managed garment factories, greatly increasing labour productivity.

Worker Ri Un Mi has this to say:

“I don´t feel tired however hard I may work, as the workshop has been excellently furnished. In the future, I will become an honourable innovator and do everything in my power for the prosperity of the country.”

The officials and employees of the factory are always working hard to improve the quality of the goods and expand their variety. They often hold manufactured goods show and seek for ways to improve the quality, pooling their wisdom. Whenever a new design is produced, they consult whether it is done well to suit the tastes and sentiments of the people and map out a rational plan for expanding its variety. Now the officials and employees of the factory have set up a high goal to produce a larger quantity of quality goods.