Enlarged Plenary Meetings of Pyongyang City and Provincial Committees of the WPK

Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) — There took place enlarged plenary meetings of Pyongyang City and all provincial committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) from January 10 to 13.

Members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK guided the plenary meetings respectively.

Attending the meetings were members and alternate members of the provincial party committees. Officials of the party and power organs and administrative and economic bodies in the relevant regions were present as observers.

The meetings analyzed and reviewed the last year’s regional work for implementing the decisions of the Fourth and Fifth Plenary Meetings of the 8th WPK Central Committee and discussed and decided the measures for carrying out the policy-oriented tasks facing the provinces this year on the basis of the fighting guidelines set forth at the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Party.

At the meetings reporters referred to the revolutionary exploits of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has wisely led the Party, state and people to the indomitable heroic advance and rapid upturn, overcoming the most serious national crisis unprecedented in the history of the DPRK with his transparent independent faith, matchless pluck, far-sighted wisdom and extraordinary leadership activities.

They said that they keenly realized once again the immutable truth that the idea and leadership of the Party Central Committee is science and victory and our lofty ideal and ambition can be surely attained when we exert ourselves with the irresistible might peculiar to the Korean revolution, witnessing the absolute prestige and dignity of the state further demonstrated in the arduous year 2022, the stirring heyday of strengthening the whole Party and the innovative entities symbolizing the clear advance of Korean-style socialism.

The plenary meetings analyzed and reviewed the achievements and experience gained in the provincial party committees’ implementation of the Party decisions last year and shortcomings and lessons drawn from it.

The plenary meeting of the Pyongyang City Party Committee stressed the need to dynamically conduct the Party’s guidance and policy-oriented guidance, mindful of the Party Central Committee’s trust and expectation that Pyongyang City will always take the lead in the struggle for implementing the Party’s policies, so as to put the economic work of the capital city on a higher stage and concentrate efforts on the work to attain the key goals for stabilizing and improving the livelihood of Pyongyangites.

Plenary meetings of the North and South Hwanghae and North Phyongan provincial committees of the Party dealt with practical issues for certainly making high-yielding achievements in the provinces which play a big role in the country’s agricultural production, as intended by the Party which set the grain production plan for this year as the first target of the economic development.

Plenary meetings of the North and South Hamgyong and South Phyongan provincial committees and the Nampho City Committee of the WPK focused on the issue of magnetically guiding the Party organizational and political work for increased production and implementation of the readjustment and reinforcement strategy, aware of the important mission and duty of regions in providing a decisive guarantee for the fulfillment of the five-year plan.

Plenary meetings of other Party provincial committees, including Jagang, Ryanggang and Kangwon provincial committees and Kaesong and Rason city committees, discussed the issues for ensuring the independent and many-sided development, putting steady efforts into the rural construction to promote the cultural development peculiar to the countryside, fresh Korean-style development, and bringing about perfect results in the struggle to decisively solve the knotty problems directly related to the people’s living and for their interests and convenience.

The plenary meetings mentioned the principled matters for all the Party organizations to give full play to the popular masses’ mental and creative power of perseverance and fortitude, mindful of their mission assumed before the Party and the revolution.

At the plenary meetings, the reporters stressed that all the Party organizations and officials should launch a dynamic struggle for attaining the goals set forth at the Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee while measuring up to the demand of the revolution, the aspiration of the era and the expectation of the people and thus make positive contributions to demonstrating to the whole world the potentiality and the spirit of the DPRK and the resoluteness of the Korean revolution.

At the plenary meetings the speakers analyzed and reviewed in a cool-headed way their work conducted to implement the Party’s policies in the most critical and responsible time of the Korean revolution.

During the plenary meetings there were sectional consultative meetings to work out plans for thoroughly carrying out the policy-oriented tasks facing the regions on the basis of the orientation of advance and struggle strategy for this year set forth at the Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee.

Resolutions, mapped out from the sincere and dynamic standpoint of the participants, were unanimously approved at the plenary meetings. -0-

Originally published by KCNA – kcna.kp